WordProof Lifetime Deal – 92% off

WordProof Lifetime Deal - 92% off

Visit: WordProof Lifetime Deal – 92% off

”Hi all

This is Sebastiaan, Founder of WordProof! Happy to be featured on Dealify.

We believe that the internet needs a layer of trust, so the reader knows the information they read is factual and knows where it came from, and on the flipside, if you are a content creator, you can prove that the content you created is yours.

We provide that layer of trust through WordProof. A service, providing blockchain timestamps for your content.

WordProof is one of the few real-life blockchain use-cases. Some stats on the first 6 months after launch:
– 2,850,000 Unique Content Timestamps. Test-data excluded
– 130,000,000+ Unique Pageviews, showing a link to the WordProof Timestamp Certificate
– 3,000+ Developers attended the offline WordProof Keynotes at 10+ Conferences
– 50,000+ Views of YouTube video’s mentioning WordProof
– 1053 Unique blockchain accounts interacted with our Smart Contracts

I’ve been around in open-source entrepreneurship since 2006:
– Founder of a leading Dutch WordPress agency (2006, 25 developers)
– We’ve developed a WordPress GDPR plugin (1.3M+ downloads, 100K+ active users)
– We’ve developed Laraberg, bringing WordPress’ editor to Laravel
– Together with agency co-founder Robert van Eekhout, I wrote a book on digital transformation for SMEs: ‘Handboek voor Digitale Slagkracht’
– 12 years of experience with WordPress, 6 years of experience with blockchain development

We are excited to hear your thoughts and feedback!

Let’s build the trusted web together.

Sebastiaan van der LansFounder of WordProof

Visit: https://www.dealify.com/wordproof/

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