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Optimize web pages for SEO with real-time tips from webtexttool

Created: Wednesday, 10 January 2018 18:30

Traffic is the name of the game and having an SEO friendly website is how you win. But, unless you have the funds to pay an SEO professional, boosting your Google ranking can be confusing and frustrating. So, are you supposed to do nothing and just pray customers somehow find you on Page 12 of Google’s search results? Ofcourse no! Improve your ranking with webtexttool.

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Webtexttool offers real-time predictive tips that optimize SEO scores and increase conversions.

This amazing SEO tool will produce optimization tips as you write, saving you from having to go back and optimize content for SEO. With one click, webtexttool will give you valuable insights so you can find the right keywords and take the guesswork out of ranking.

These predictive tips will feel like pure SEO magic, and they're backed by real-world data analysis.

Webtexttool’s best practices suggestions will boost your page ranks.

With webtexttool, you'll also be able to optimize your existing web content directly in your favorite CMS (e.g. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Craft CMS and Sitecore) with their built-in free plugins.

Webtexttool wants to take Sumo-lings to the front page of Google, so they created a special AppSumo Personal Plan to get you there:

This plan includes:

    • 400 stored pages
    • Up to 20 page rank trackers
    • Full SEO optimization rules
    • Text Conversion Optimizer (TCO) module
    • Page versioning

This special plan is valued at over $300 per year.

However, Sumo-lings can get lifetime access for just $49!

Start boosting your page rank now!

Looking for even more boosted features?

Upgrade right away to the AppSumo Small Business Plus Plan by purchasing two codes.

If you bought this deal last year, you only need one more code to unlock the AppSumo Small Business Plan.

Webtexttool is so confident that you'll fall in love that they're giving Sumo-lings a special 14-day free trial (no CC required!). Take it for a spin, then easily upgrade to the lifetime plan.

When we brought you this incredible tool last year, Sumo-lings were soaring the SEO charts and couldn't be happier:

Webtexttool doesn’t just help you on the front-end, it also helps you with the backend.

Webtexttool's Text Conversion Optimizer module will analyze your content and give you tips on improving readability and increasing your chances of conversion.

After you’ve published your web page, you can also paste the URL into webtexttool’s page tracker and receive updates on how your pages score.

In addition to tracking your own pages, you can discover the top competitor domains and keywords and track competitors' positions on search engines.

Webtexttool will help you benchmark like a pro!

Having a powerful SEO tool in your arsenal is critical for traffic, conversions, and your business’s future.

Now, you can spend all of your money on SEO tools you won’t understand how to use, or you can get lifetime access to this user-friendly SEO lifesaver.

The answer seems pretty clear to us.

Word to the wise: don’t drag your feet with this deal — it sold out last time!

Click here for lifetime access to webtexttool AppSumo Personal Plan!

P.S. Buy two codes and stack them to get lifetime access to the AppSumo Small Business Plus plan!

P.P.S. If you bought this deal last year, you only need to purchase one new code to unlock the boosted Small Business Plus plan!

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